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The foundation is supported by the villagers in the usage of the land where we stand. The foundation claims no ownership of any lands on which we operate. 

Fund Sources

We thank Neil Forsberg and other donors for funding the annual operational cost of the foundation.



This foundation is entirely powered by volunteers, mainly from the current students and graduates of Universitas Mataram as well as the youth in the village of Praya Barat Daya District


Jage Kastare Foundation (JKF) is a foundation that works on education, social entrepreneurship, and health causes. JKF is fully established and driven by volunteers and funded by non-binding donors. Since its foundation in March 2013, and formalization with the official documentation at Kemenkumham (Indonesian Department Law and Human Right) in 2015, JKF has implemented programs in these areas such as providing free English learning program for 85 children and youth from Desa Ungge twice a week and initiating an educational scholarship program for deserving students of JKF.

In addition to these two main programs, JFK has been conducting other programs such as village road verge reforestation, free medical treatment, basic food aid, workshops of English teaching materials, cultural carnivals and many other programs. JKF also collaborates with many organizations from within and outside the country such as with Mataram University, English Language Study Program Student Association, DFAT Direct Aid Program Australia, Global Nutrition Empowerment USA and Genre BKKBN Prov NTB.

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Our Program

Village Economic Improvement Program
Rural communities face various problems in their effort to improve the quality of life. One of them is the problem of inadequate income, due to the lo...
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Village Community Health Knowledge Improvement Program
Another problem faced by rural communities is the lack of awareness of the importance of balanced nutrition and healthy lifestyles. This is related to...
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English for Young Learners
Teaching English to young learners is JKF's main program since the foundation was formed. The classes are divided into 4 (four) levels ranging from Wa...
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Jagger Charity Shop Scholarship
In addition to providing free English language teaching to children in Ungga Village, JKF strives to continue to support children who demonstrate grea...
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Community Development
Not only focusing on English education for children, JKF also tries to reach out to communities around the village in order to develop their economy m...
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Lombok Equality Scholarship
EQ-Scholarship memberikan bantuan pada siswa dan mahasiswa berprestasi yang mengalami kesulitan melanjutkan pendidikannya karena alasan ekonomi. Bantu...
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Join our family to make an impact on the lives we serve. Please click below to fill in the form. Wecome to our family! We will be so grateful to have you. 


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